Thursday, 28 January 2010

Speed Painting

Been very very very lazy with painting recently but the impending deadline of this tournement means my finger has now been plucked from my behind and is at work painting away.

Got a really good rytham on the boyz but the vechiles are proving to be alot hard, alot of details and the madderning decision of what to pick out and what to gloss over. Gonna visit GW tomorrow to pick up more red and green paint along with a tank brush that should help alot.

So here is my 1000 pt army list.

Warboss - Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, TW Shoota, Boss Pole
Big Mek - Kustom Force Field, Eavy Armour, Boss Pole

19 Boyz - (Sluggaz) Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw
19 Boyz - (Sluggaz) Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw
12 Boyz - (Shootaz) Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw, Rokkit Launcha

Trukk - Red Paint Job, Grot Rigger

BattleWagon - Deff Rolla, Red Paint Job, Extra Armour, Grot Rigger
BattleWagon - Deff Rolla, Red Paint Job, Extra Armour, Grot Rigger

2 Deff Koptaz - TW Rokkit Launcha

Its a very in your face Mech army and for a lad like me that hasnt modelled or painted in years its pretty daunting to look at. Decided to Include Trophies in the Army of all my mates armies for a giggle.


My mates young lad has start on Warhammer 40K and I sold him my now un-used Space Marine army at mates-rates. He seems really into the setting and the game to the point where he has started painting and reading the fiction.

He had his first game agasint my 1000 pt army list for the upcoming tournement (more on that later) and it was a draw and we both had alot of fun.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

News for 2010

Just a very quick post to say that I have signed up for a 1000pt tourny in Febuary in Yorks and I am modelling and painting an army to match.

Pictures and details to follow...