Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Baptism of Bolter Fire

Had my first ever battle with my new Ork army agasint Brads Space Wolves. I opted for a combined mechanized and foot army:

Warboss on Warbike
9 Warbikes
3 mobs of Trukk Boyz (12 boyz each)
20 man boyz unit with shootas
Deff Dred with 2 big shootas
5 Deff Koptaz

It was a Dawn of War battle with 2 objective markers, I think I fluffed the deployment as I had my trukks going in completely the wrong flank.


My warbikes mob after getting chewed up quite alot smashs into a Grey Hunter pack as a trukk full of mobs hit the other unit next to it, the trukk boys were driven off after inflicting massive casualaties, the bikes were reduced to just the warboss who finished off the unit.

20 Boys armed with Shootas charged down a pack of Wolf Guard lead by the general and after several turns of bloody battle the terminators were wiped out. While the LandRaider that delivered them (that managed to blow up a couple of trucks) was ripped appart by some Kommandos

The Grey hunters in the ruins managed to hold off the advance of a trukk full of bodys, a dreff dread and the warboss loosing on a few of there number.

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