Saturday, 6 February 2010

Close Up Photos

Clearly the lighting in my dining room is terrible so here are some up close pictures took in the kitchen.

Trukk with Red Paint Job

Deff Kopta

The yet unnamed Big Mek

Warboss Heed himself.

One of the battle wagons, notice the blue armour plates donated by some friendly ultramarines, going to have to paint on some ultramarine symbols.

The three Nobs with Power Klaws in the army.

One of the shoota boyz with the Rokkit Launcha


  1. Looking good there dude, have a look at The for basing help the dude theres got some really good tips.

    But looking good.

  2. Thanks I have had to just cover them in sand to get the basing done, will go back and do better later.