Saturday, 6 February 2010

The thinking on the 1000pt army

Been very busy painting my army for the Vaperntak tournement tomorrow and I just have a few more pieces to do. So pictures will follow shortly, just wanted to go though some of the thinking in creating my army.

Firstly both the HQ are lacking Power Klaws, this is as much a point saving exercise and a response to issues I've been having with my Warboss of Late, given the lack of Initiative when using a Power Klaw he was getting singled out in Melee and killed before he could swing and this was getting a little annoying so I've given him a Big Choppa so he hits pretty fast on the charge with a high strenght attack, only issue is it doesnt ignore armour, well it working so far, will have to re-consider his gear at a later date.

The Kustom Force Field on the Big Mek has saved my vechile and infantries bacon a fair few times now, although I do tend to sarcfice him when the mob he leads gets into the thick of thinks.

The Battlewagons lack any guns also as a cost saving and as I dont ever want them to slow down, I imagine after dropping off their cargo they will fly around the battlefield ramming or tank shocking everything within 13 inchs. I have however encounter faster armies and in these cased the battlewagon will most likly stay put on once the boys are done killing let them back in. The lack of guns means they are more vulernable to being immoblised so in the future I'm going to drill some holes in the cab at the back and add some removedable gunners. Will show you that later when I get to work on it.

The trukk boys are armed with longer range weapons so that they can grab and hold objectives for me, I am learning not to throw them head long into fights like I do with the rest of my armoy and given enough terrain to hide in they are almost as hard to kill as Space Marines.

Finally the DeffKoptas are in my eyes over priced but I do like them more than the
Buggies on sale which I would have profered. I guess I could convert them later with Buzz Klaws and Big Bomms to see if that makes them any better.

More pics to follow shortly once the army is finished.

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