Sunday, 21 February 2010

Painting and modelling hiatus has lasted longer than I should have let it. Oh well spent today trying to undercoat my warbikes. Their second hand and came with a red spray undercoat that like all good undercoat got everywhere. So been trying to go over it with black without destroying the detail.
Lost my mini rulebook at vapnertak so was going to eBay a copy but there going for more than I want to pay so bundled a new black reach boxset with my advance order of the battle mission book along with new deff dread and killa kans. Threw in gazzy for good measure to lead my mega nobs whihc number 5 now. These will be the first models I have painted before assembly so untreated to see how that goes. Pictures to follow...


  1. It's always hard to keep the momentum going with paining, best bet is to set a regular bit of time asides purely dedicated to painting stuff so you keep a routine going.