Saturday, 13 February 2010

Vapnartak Report

I'm sorry this post is late.

Had a good fun day at Vapnartak's 40K 1000point tournement. I came second to last but to be honest I wish I could say I was surprised. I came to the scene full of shine and spirit to see some of the vicious lists people had crafted and mine was not up to scratch :(

Anyway here are the games as best I can remeber (sorry no pics at the moment, will try and dig come out)

Game 1: Dark Angels
Faced off against a Chaplin lead Terimaintor close combat squad in a Land Raider and a pair of tactical squards. Never could deal with those terminators and never damaged the Land Raider beyond destroying a Lascannon, wiped out all the tactical marines with one unit of Orcs, the squads were all split into combat squads, with 3 combat squads sat on one objective? Game ended in a draw as my boys couldnt take the charge from the Teriminators when it finally came but I kept the Dark Angels in their deployment zone the whole time.

Game 2: Tyranids
To be honest if I had to pick a moment of the day I didnt like it was this game. I was informed that the new Nid codex was not being used as it had been out less than a month and to be fair most people hadnt had chance to even see it let alone play against it. So basically I felt cheated, round after round of New rules and units I have heard about but never seen. Guns without line of sight, Trygons deep strike without scatter, spores without issues hitting terrain and the bloody Doom of Malantai which stripped a good 10-15 boys of the table by itself. 90 points of broken shit if you ask me. I lost the game as I was at a lost as what to do and to really kick my teeth in about a 1/3 of the army was unpainted, I felt really bad about marking down someone for not having painting models as alot where ether undercoated or two colours, which really annoyed me as I had sweated over a paint brush for 2 weeks to get ready for the tournement. The biggest issue I had was the number of models that were unclear as their purpose, The Doom of Malantai was a un-converted Zoanthrope so impossible to tell aside from the other two on the board. The new gaunt breeder thing was just a carnifex so imagine my suprise when I killed it. Overall the only downside of the day and I suspect a bit of that is losers blues but I think it was it wasnt something I knew how to deal with at all.

Game 3: Dark Eldar
I was very surprised to get to play a Dark Eldar player since I assume the army given its old out of date codex was uncompetative, how wrong I was. They bloody vechiles wouldnt hold still and I lost most of my vechiles about half way across the board. Still managed to claw a draw due the lack that Witches dont get saves agasint deff-rollas so to stop me wiping out the bulk of the army they got onboard a tranpsort and flew to a uncontested objective.

Game 4: Space Wolves
This was one of the armies I really wanted to get to grips with, an all terimnator force with a LandRaider, since only SW and DA can pull this off only two such armies were their (there was a third but it was all plague terimantor judging by the paint scheme and converting but this chaos player had clearly just picked up the SW codex and decided that 'Counts As' extended to a whole army)
I pinchers around the Landraider to take out the unit on foot, after loosing about 6 boys I wiped out the first of two units (40 boyz plus two HQ will do that to a unit) and then I seperated my army for the counter charge. Out of the LandRaider came Logan Grimmnar who along with his squad proceeded to wipe out a Mob (bear in mind these are 20 strong mobs) a turn until there was nothing left. I had managed to immoblize the LandRaider and its short range weapons in the middle of the table before the Shoota boys and their trusty rokkit where assualt cannoned to death.
The game ended with 3 turns of Benny Hill style Chasing of my one surviving battlewagon Running over Grimmar and his Terminators (now down to 2) over and over again. Again a draw but a fun and quick game.

Overall I realise now where I went wrong with my List, two HQ meant that I was giving away points every game as they were not designed to survive a beating, just to go down swinging. The Battlewagon Deff Rolla Charge was a very one trick pony and very easy for skilled players to work around, I surprised a few with the complete disregard I had for terrain when tank shocking, never got stuck once.
I feel a little down about my place, there were 4 Ork players in total and I never got to play them, thanks to the swiss system the moment I stopped winning games (not that I started) was never gonna meet them as they all finished in the top 3 (except me, second to last).
Maybe the cheese needs to come out next time. While mech seems to be the standard I think I may have the wrong end of the stick, those Battlewagons struggled to make up their points and giving their high front armour, my oppoents guns just spend the first few turns firing at my Koptaz or Trukk which were much easier to kill.
Seems alot of armys centred around one kill sqaud or combo and I didnt.

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